P.M. Dawn

Enjoy The BLISS

Twisted Mellow (uk Only)

The time has come. The time has come for my man Prince Be to speak a
word. 1991; the new age in rap music. And he’s gonna do it like this…
Kick it!

Verse One:
One for the treble
Two for the trouble
You bring
You wanna hear me sing
But that’s another sort of swing
What’s the dove’s name that steps on a cloud
His hands are covered in a pink lace shroud
I thought the wind combed your hair
But he can’t do me none no despair
It’s like walking through time without realizing who your friends are
Like a mardi gras
So how many cars gotta pass my window
How many clouds gotta step when the wind blows
Show me a picture of the Reverend Syke
A broken halo and a track that sounds like cat meat
I giggle in the grim as I crumple up the track sheet
Like sha-na-na singing bah to a black sheep
I cut a big hole in the neck…
But then up jumps the Devil from a puddle of blood
To transform my dawn to a couple of thugs
Into a hand with a couple of grains of sand
But I’m like damn
You twisted up my mellow man

Verse Two:
I’m dropping a stone to the abyss
Something to catch if once again I exist
Now and then a strange thought comes to mind
I love my life but I can’t wait to die
Is my place in time another raisin in the sun
An endless climb but where from?
I’m covered by a thousand thoughts at a time
Ain’t misbehavin’ says a bottle of white wine
So dream on if you’re coming to catch me
I’ve dealt with stronger thoughts that tried to X me
What’s the fantasy you feed in your brain
A prayer for life it’s an ordinary pain
Yo count the moments when they called me closed
With all my insecurities exposed
I in heart yet I can only see through
I guess curiosity’s after me too
For taking blind footsteps through the winds of change
I remain the same yet they call me strange
Small game of hide ‘n seek see the me hide under yellow can
Yo you twisted up my mellow man

(Turntable solo)
“I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Verse Three:
Touch the moon when you pass the dark side
You’re mentally bruised but from a nine your scars hide
Another pain with a another brain chain
With inferior cuts the plain’s made vain
Save your number five
It gives another vibe
It’s just a tranquil place where the dark survive
You see it’s bound to put your head in the same place
That the cello can
But understand
That you twisted up my mellow man
You twisted up my mellow man
You twisted up my mellow man
You twisted up my mellow man
Yo you twisted my mellow man

Ah yeah. Richie Rich in the house from the Rap Academy. Respect to PM
Dawn in the place to be… From 1991 you see… Cause they’re kickin’ it
consciously… On the label G double E. And don’t twist my mellow man.
Don’t twist my mellow man. Don’t twist my mellow man. Don’t twist my
mellow man. Check it.

Transcibed by DJ Z. Smooth