P.M. Dawn

Enjoy The BLISS

Why God Loves You

I look through love baby just like you, i hope to be all he wants me to be
So when you run from me i will always understand
But don’t you want to know why god loves you?
I think i know how divine you are and i only see what you want me to see
So when you cry a crucifixion i will always comprehend
But will you ever know why god loves you?
I will always love you more because you want to know why god loves…..

All things in time are shadows as divine
Everything i do i only do through you
Will we all survive all the wonders why
As close as we are everyone’s alone

I’m flesh and blood baby just like you, and we’re also more than we’re able to see
That’s why through all your tribulations i will always hold your hand
Because you want to know why god loves you

All things inside are shadows of my lives
Everything you do affects me like i’m you (because i am)
Will we all survive?
No more wondering why because when closeness comes……

Oh my god