P.M. Dawn

Enjoy The BLISS

being nowhere

When flying out it’s just like falling down
Just imagine how it hurts you
even you get to be you on the ground
being everywhere and nowhere gives no certainty to any feeling

now why does the darkness shine so bright
how is it that i i see you
cause when I’m in love I’m just in love i swear to God
when I started at your finished line you can travel around the world by being nowhere

just by being…
oh just by being
just by being

if the voice of love can change the face of a man
just imagine my my reflection
i didn’t really expect you to stick around
its just the thought of you and I escaping circumventing all my feeling

well we know the truth is uncomfortable
so lets pretend that I I hate you
it seems to me that you needed fire to make you cold
baby if every day is yesterday then five years ago is just like being nowhere

oh just like being
just like being nowhere
just like being
oh just like being nowhere

I’ll believe in you shouldn’t make me sad
but it’s changes my my complexion
being blue its said to be just as hard
saying everything and nothing when you think about it’s just like nowhere
just like being nowhere