P.M. Dawn

Enjoy The BLISS

I can see myself

I can see myself I can see myself I can see myself If I could find a way to tell you I miss you to tell you I’m with you it doesn’t need understanding just know that I feel you even though I’m not with you, girl Ever since the last time I’ve not been in my right mind Seems I’m lost with whomever I find It’s funny I don’t get to see you anymore The irony is I miss you blind Two people that kissed...

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as something so superficially theres no need to be me but being that I’m uncomfortable it seems to have a place I get to be joyous when I’m falling down with you I think you know that when I’m hurting underneath it all I’m smiling and when you thing about it when It’s all said and done i don’t think i matter to you as if i mattered to you now and when you thing about it when It’s all said and...

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being nowhere

When flying out it’s just like falling down Just imagine how it hurts you even you get to be you on the ground being everywhere and nowhere gives no certainty to any feeling now why does the darkness shine so bright how is it that i i see you cause when I’m in love I’m just in love i swear to God when I started at your finished line you can travel around the world by being nowhere just by being…...

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F*ucked Music I hate myself for you

Don’t waste your precious lite on the things that I do cause I’ve been saving all my love, love to give to you see I know the reasons why I’m terrified with you I know I can’t protect you and I hate myself for you God knows what this future will do to you and knowledge lies it says I loves you when it hates you and Armageddon knows I’ll be good to you I can hardly see the angles and I hate...

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Yang: As Private I’s

They always find you all the time… I befriended my confusion quite some time ago She tells me everything is gonna be alright (it’s alright) My senses make it real to me in all types of ways But i’m so angry at my jealousy That i hold it inside my heart like it’s alright Catapult my visions into realism’s bosoms Dreams prefer caesarian with plastic spoons and knives...

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